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Autism Spectrum Camp

There is an undeniable bond between humans and animals.

Being in the presence of an animal as majestic as a horse,

allows one to connect with nature in a very moving way.

Because of this connection, a growing number of physical,

occupational, and psychological therapy centers are

utilizing horses to reach out to patients on a very personal

level. The motor, emotional, and sensory sensations

associated with riding a horse have been found to

particularly benefit individuals with autism.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health,

children with autism may exhibit difficulty with social

interaction, emotional bonding, and verbal and nonverbal

communication. The Autism Spectrum Disorder

Foundation supports equine assisted therapies, which

provides opportunities for physical communication with horses. Brushing, petting, hugging, and riding create an emotional bridge between child and horse. Learning to care for horses allows an autistic child the opportunity to focus on something outside of their internal space.

For those children who experience difficulty in comprehending directions, participating in equine assisted games and activities encourages them to respond to the verbal cues provided by our certified instructors. The rider must then communicate that direction to the horse. Riders become motivated to move and communicate. Throwing colored balls into buckets, touching horses while singing a song, identifying and sorting objects in the arena are just a few of the techniques used to engage minds and improve cognition during equine assisted activities.

The physical benefits to horseback riding are undeniable. Children learn to move in new and exciting ways. Different sensory receptors are stimulated during riding exercises. Balance improves and core muscles are strengthened over time. Together with the emotional and cognitive benefits of equine assisted therapies, riding provides benefits to the whole individual, including body, mind and spirit.


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Changing lives one ride at a time.

Did You Know:

The majority of youth riders at Beaming Inc. are on the Autism spectrum.

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