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Autism Spectrum Camp

Equine therapy is considered an extremely

successful form of treatment for children with autism.

The rhythmic motion of riding a horse enables the

child to indirectly learn better focusing on the horse

and its riding movement, which is considered

deliberate, slow, and calming.

An animal assisted therapy for autism is a fairly

new technique but equine therapy for autism has

been providing promising results such that many

are considering to consistently utilize therapy

animals in their treatment programs not only for

autism but also for people with Asperger’s


A calming effect of riding accompanies the indirect learning of how to focus better. Excellent results have been reported out of therapy ranch policies. An example is a horse is made to pick the child rather than assigning a child to a horse or a horse to a child. This technique allows a staff of the therapy ranch to guide a child to a horse then observing the horse reaction. A dipping of the head of the horse onto the child will serve as an indication that a bond has been initially established between the horse and the child. This is interpreted as the child’s selection by the horse.

BEAMING Inc. is proud to offer specific equine experiences in the summer for individuals on the autism spectrum.


Changing lives one ride at a time.

Did You Know:

The majority of youth riders at Beaming Inc. are on the Autism spectrum.

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