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Benefits and Testimonials

Pre and post functional improvement measures are evaluated

to assess rider improvements, as well as the completion of

satisfaction* surveys by parents and caregivers of riders.

Average improvements were calculated in the therapeutic

areas as follows:

*Satisfaction survey results on a four-point scale (1-strongly disagree, 2-disagree, 3-agree, 4-strongly agree) indicated 90-100% of respondents rated knowledge of staff, safety, horse condition, and feeling welcome as agree or strongly agree.


- 100 percent of respondents rated strongly agree when asked if they would recommend this program to others.

– 70 percent felt their riders had accomplished goals as discussed in their initial evaluation.

A Note from Holly

              “My daughter, Solara, has William’s Syndrome. William’s Syndrome is a rare disorder, Solara has delays in speech, thinking skills, and physical abilities. She is also very trusting and outgoing which is typical with this syndrome. Solara is often looked at differently by the kids in her school. Now that Solara is horseback riding with BEAMING, she is able to connect with other girls on a much different level. Every little girl wants to ride a horse, and when they find out she can do something they don’t do, she suddenly fits in.

    BEAMING has been such a holistic experience for Solara. She is physically much stronger and steady in her core. Mentally she is more solid and in control of her emotions. Emotional control is difficult for kids with Williams Syndrome. It has also helped her mature and develop confidence, and I’ve noticed that her developmental skills have really improved this past year.

    Solara has wanted to learn to ride horses, but due to finances, I didn’t think it was an option. Why should I get her excited about something she wouldn’t be able to do because I couldn’t afford it? Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now that we are with BEAMING, I will do whatever it takes to keep Solara riding those incredible horses.”


    Holly Tuyls,

    Mom of Solara Gomez

A Note from Kathy:

             “The Horses, Hearts and Heroes program has given back to Matthew what he has needed, and so much more. In the short time he has been involved with this program, we’ve seen his focus improve. His balance, along with his memory, have improved as well. He took pride in riding with the other veterans. I also feel, the thing he enjoys most is a sense of belonging. As he stated, ‘When I’m there, Mom, I don’t feel different. Everyone accepts me for who I am.’ The sense of belonging and being part of such a wonderful program is what Matthew enjoys so much. He has met so many wonderful individuals and is proud to say he rides at BEAMING.”

        Kathy for Neenah

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