Area school districts send Beaming groups of elementary and middle school students facing unique challenges who will potentially benefit from BEAMING’s therapeutic/adaptive horsemanship and equine-assisted learning. This program operates in the spring and fall each year for a total of 12 weeks.


Throughout the year BEAMING offers lessons to small groups of children and adults with unique challenges and disabilities. Participants interact with the horses in and out of the saddle. Activities include grooming, riding, feeding, and caring for the horses.

BEAMING has offered this camp to children with autism every summer since 2015 with excellent results. The physical benefits of riding are undeniable for children with autism. Different sensory receptors are stimulated and children learn to move in new and exciting ways. This works together with the emotional and cognitive benefits of equine-assisted activities.


HYH camp is geared toward helping teens to hold their emotions in check before acting or reacting. Participants learn the skills to stop, think, listen, then act resulting in making better choices, improving mental health, and forming healthier relationships. This camp is free of charge. 


Special Education personnel from area school districts send us some of their most troubled students who tend to be outside the mainstream of their peer group. Launch has the ability to impact the increasing mental health crisis with our teen population in the Fox Valley. The hands-on nature of this unique and effective mentoring program addresses basic skills essential for managing conflict, utilizing effective coping skills, developing positive social skills, and learning to engage in healthy self-care. BEAMING has been extremely successful in changing the attitudes and self-image of these teens. This program lasts 28-30 weeks.