WisconSibs Inc., a non-profit dedicated to the interests of the sisters and brothers of people with disabilities, is partnering with BEAMING Inc. on two projects. The first is focused on helping teenage siblings become stronger leaders at their Teen Sib Leadership Day.

The second opportunity is focused on children ages 6-12 as part of the WisconSib series called Sibshop where children learn to support one another and gain confidence to face challenges and celebrate joys of growing up with a sibling with disabilities. Campers will engage in daily horse activities.

In collaboration with area school districts, BEAMING works with special education personnel to identify students that will potentially benefit from BEAMING’S adaptive physical education and equine experiences. This is a six-week, spring/fall partnership serving elementary and middle school age students with differing abilities. 

BEAMING offers private rides to groups of 4-5 riders of similar age and ability, ages 5 to adult. Rider challenges may include, but are not limited to autism, cognitive development, visual impairments, hemiplegia and/or degenerative central nervous system disorders. Participants are exposed to grooming, riding and 30 minute off-lesson. 

BEAMING has offered Autism Camp to individuals in the Fox Valley since 2015 with excellent results. Camp is held annually in the summer with 2 sessions each day. The physical benefits of riding are undeniable for children with autism. Different sensory receptors are stimulated and children learn to move in new and exciting ways. Together with the emotional and cognitive benefits of equine assisted therapies, riding provides benefits to the whole individual, including body, mind and spirit. 


Hold Your Horses is a new BEAMING Camp geared at helping teens to hold their emotions in check before acting or reacting. Participants learn the skills to – stop, think, listen, then action – leading to making better choices, improved mental health and relationships. This camp is free of charge. 


BEAMING began offering this important program in summer of 2010 – we are honored to provide equine-assisted activities to area veterans. New in 2019, we have added police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, EMS dispatchers, etc. Riders, side-walkers and horse handlers involved in this program are all veterans which makes this a one-of-a-kind program in the region, with therapeutic riding lessons conducted by PATH certified instructors. 

Objectives: improve self-esteem, coping with civilian life stressors, improving physical, social and behavioral skills through therapeutic horseback riding. Riders have a range of diagnoses including but not limited to amputations, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke, anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress. 

Launch has the ability to impact the increasing mental health crisis with our teen population in the Fox Valley. We are so excited to fully implement this newly developed mentorship program. After a successful trial run in 2016, in a collaborative effort with the Oshkosh North and At Risk Teens, we are proud to launch this Program. It’s our mission to take a proactive stance on behalf of today’s teens and young adults and help them learn important life skills now, while they are still young. The things that make life a bit easier and their futures much brighter. The things that could ultimately take them down the right path much sooner in life. The hands-on nature of this unique and effective mentoring program addresses basic skills essential for managing conflict, utilizing effective coping skills, developing positive social skills, and learning to engage in healthy self-care.