At BEAMING, we transform lives through equine partnerships. Through interaction and connection with horses, our program participants are able to learn, heal and grow, empowering them to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.

We embrace diversity, we promote inclusion and we celebrate those with diverse abilities. The BEAMING Barn is a safe, nonjudgmental community gathering space where all are welcome.

BEAMING offers equine programs in six primary categories: diverse abilities support (for children with challenging physical and/or cognitive disabilities and/or mood disorders), dementia support, teen support, veterans’ support, trauma support and women’s support.

Our programs include Saddle Up for Success (individual lessons), Dragons in Flight (advanced lessons),  Partners in Riding (a partnership with local school districts) and Pony Power Academy (for children who have struggled learning to read and write);  LAUNCH (group classes) for troubled and hurting youth; Horses, Hearts & Heroes for veterans; RideStrong for those affected by trauma; Steady Strides for Parkinson’s (for those with PD dementia), and we are the second in the nation to offer Riding in the Moment, a program for seniors with early- to moderate-onset dementia, Alzheimer’s or other forms of memory loss.

In addition, we offer regular Equine-Assisted Memory Cafes which invite seniors in the community with memory loss and their caregivers to improve their quality of life by experiencing the benefits of equine-assisted services. We also hold two annual camps (two sessions each), Hold Your Horses Teen Camp for troubled and hurting youth, and Autism Camp for children with autism.

BEAMING was founded in 2004 and is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH) International.


Equine-Assisted Services

Equine-assisted services refers to traditional riding or adaptive riding activities conducted by a PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) certified instructor. The participant must continuously contract and relax muscles to re-balance, which ultimately improves core strength, flexibility, and balance. 

For individuals with learning or mental disabilities, riding compels them to increase concentration, patience, and discipline. If a psychological or emotional disability is present, the unique relationship formed with a horse can help improve interpersonal relationships as well. Here are some other advantages of equine services:

Studies have found that horses mimic the movements of the human gait. As a result, riding a horse can stimulate the muscles a person uses to walk that otherwise would not have been stimulated.

  • Horses are amazingly intuitive and able to foster strong emotional ties with people.
  • Many people with disabilities are not able to sit up straight because of imbalance. Horses are able to tolerate this and alter their gait to balance the participant.
  • Facing day-to-day life with a disability is difficult for anyone. Having an opportunity to look forward to something which is fun and recreational, while at the same time beneficial, is a very good thing.



The mission of BEAMING Inc. is to be the provider of choice for Equine-Assisted Learning and Adaptive Horsemanship. We shall enhance quality of life for community members facing unique challenges by developing relationships between participants and horses.


Our vision is to facilitate life-changing equine experiences for all involved with the aid of our equine companions. Our goal is to overcome the challenges of today, while continually growing to meet the needs of tomorrow.


At BEAMING, we treat everyone with respect and dignity, we provide value to the communities we serve, and we are committed to cooperate and collaborate with like-minded organizations in the community’s best interest.


Pre and post functional improvement measures are evaluated to assess participant improvements, as well as the completion of satisfaction surveys by parents and caregivers of participants. Average improvements were calculated in the 6 following areas:


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Social/Leisure Abilities
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Cognition/Language Skills
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Self-Care Skills
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Sensory Function
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99% of participants would recommend our programming to others