Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you cannot find the answer here, please contact us for more information!

What does BEAMING stand for?

BEAMING is an acronym that stands for Building Equine Assisted Mobility into New Growth.

Who does BEAMING serve?

Beaming serves a variety of client populations with individuals from 4 years old to the elderly. Individuals interested in participating can find applications for our variety of programs. While our participants must be medically cleared to ride a horse, those who are not able to safely participate in riding are able to participate in groundwork and ride our Equicizer with individually developed lesson plans which are designed to meet their specific needs. BEAMING is about more than riding horses – we also focus on fine and gross motor skills, tactile senses, strength and dexterity, mental health, anxiety relief, and mindfulness.

Participants challenges may include but are not limited to autism, ADHD, cognitive delay, visual or auditory impairments, hemiplegia, PTSD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, TBIs, anxiety and mood disorders, depression, Parkinson’s and early- to moderate-stage dementia / Alzheimer’s disease.

BEAMING is also honored to provide equine-assisted services to area veterans, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, EMS dispatchers an other first responders. We truly do have a program for everyone!

How many people does BEAMING serve?

In 2022, we facilitated more than 2,350 equine experiences for more than 900 participants of all abilities.

How is BEAMING funded?

BEAMING is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are able to offer the majority of our programs at no cost, or very low cost, due to the kindness and generosity of our volunteers who donate their time, our generous donors who support us financially, and the grants we are awarded. Please see our Annual Report for a list of current donors and grants we have received.

How do I sign up for a BEAMING program?

Currently, all program participants must complete an application form. If you or the family member you are signing up would like to ride, you will need to complete a medical release form.

> To sign you and/or your loved one up for Riding in the Moment, please complete the form here (coming soon!)

> To sign your child up for Pony Power Academy, please complete the form here (coming soon!)

> To sign you or your child/teen up for all other programs, please complete the form here (coming soon!)

> To RSVP for a special event, please see that event’s Facebook page here