"My daughter was invited to Beaming for a visit while being treated for a form or leukemia. The ability to interact with the horses (and other animals) gave her more joy than we had been able to provide for her in a very long time. She talks about the horses all the time months later, and Annie and Sparkles are high on her “best friends” list! We are so appreciative to BEAMING for the opportunity and what they do."
Corey Hetherington
RideStrong Participant Mom
"My brother absolutely "Beams" telling me and Mom about horse therapy! I love that your program is called Beaming. So apt! I see marked improvement in his posture, gait, confidence, and overall relaxation. He has so much joy working with the horses, and tells me about it in detail. That too is a change - he is communicating with more words. Your program is a miracle! Thank you for all you do."
Kathleen K.
Saddle Up for Success Participant Sister
“I can't thank you enough for the program you set up for our middle school special education students. So many of the students are tentative and lack confidence especially after COVID and being removed from so many new opportunities over the past few years. They have really stepped up to understand basic good ground horsemanship. I am amazed at the students' ability to lead horses around the arena on their own and to share with you the learning about horses they have done. I appreciate your willingness to respond to the teachers who know their students so well to allow for this time to acquaint the students with basic horsemanship...they have learned so much and are now going back to set goals for their return next semester to be on the horses. You sure know how to bring the most out of each student on their journey. The confidence they gained was amazing. I sent photos to parents and they were amazed too at how brave their children were.”
Mary Whitrock
Superintendent, Ripon Area School District
“The Riding in the Moment program makes us laugh, it bonds us, and it gives us something once a week to look forward to. My husbsand's connection with the horse triggers something in his brain that relaxes him. I see a completely different person from when we arrive to when we leave. This has made a big difference in his life. Also, just talking to other people about what their daily lives are like and what they’ve gone through...It’s a great opportunity for me, and helps me not feel so alone.”
Mary Meyer
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"I am so profoundly grateful and feel so profoundly lucky that we were able to find this program. It has opened so many doors and brought so much joy to Rick. For him to experience these moments of joy that he doesn't get anywhere else in his life has really enhanced his quality of life. It truly is the highlight of his day, his week, his month.
Traci Edmondson
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"I came out of camp with a better attitude than I originally had going into camp. The staffwere great, helping people feel welcome and supporting people who needed it. It just was an all-out good time, and I hope next summer’s teens like me will have the same experiences as I did.”
Hold Your Horses Camp Teen Participant
“My husband committed suicide in 2019. In one day, our lives were turned upside down and rendered unrecognizable. The first years I spent addressing enormous, multi-faceted problems caused by his exit. Now, we are focusing on healing, grief management, and building a new life. We have tried many kinds of therapy. Working with horses is uniquely helpful, and draws us together as a family, as we find a new ‘normal.’ Thank you for your kindness in making this possible for us.”
RideStrong Family Participant
"Working at BEAMING helps with my anxiety and depression. I like hanging out with the horses and helping out at the farm. It is peaceful. I like riding and taking out the horses. We work with children with disabilities and help them with riding and cooperating. I like doing the hard work, because it is a life skill you have to use for the future. Katie is a trusting, caring person and helps a lot of people through hard stuff in life."
LAUNCH Program Teen Participant
"My wife's Alzheimer's has progressed to a point where it's difficult to carry a conversation. But, get her doing something, and the world changes. She starts interacting with people...the memory doesn't come back, but she's having a good time in the moment. And what BEAMING has done is provide probably the best quality activity for me to take her to."
Keith Murie
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"It has been wonderful seeing my husband's enjoyment riding and interacting with the horses. He described it as giving him a great feeling of calm and well-being that brings back pleasant memories."
Lori Schwab
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"Before BEAMING, I just stayed at home and watched TV. The VA suggested I try BEAMING because of my isolation and loneliness. I also have bipolar and PTSD. I was reluctant at first, but I began to love it a lot and then I started to volunteer. Because of BEAMING, my doctor took me off of my mood stabilizer. I have been off of it for 3 years now. BEAMING has made such a positive difference in my life. I encourage other veterans to come out and ride and volunteer at the barn. It’s a great place to be with other veterans and people who support each other."
Terry Vander Zanden
Veterans Program Participant & Volunteer
"When I started volunteering at BEAMING, I had no self-esteem. I was self-harming almost every day. I couldn’t even make eye contact with people, but I was always able to connect with the horses. Working in the barn and taking care of the horses helped me learn how to regulate my emotions. I finally came out of my shell and started to laugh and feel alive again. There was just something about waking up and knowing that once I got to the barn everything would be okay. Horses sure know how to make their way into your heart.   I made so many friendships at BEAMING. And the tools and resources I got have helped me in my everyday life and reassured me that there are always people around you that love and care for you. The skills I learned at BEAMING have helped me be a better mother, too. I am forever grateful for my time at BEAMING."
"If you want to see unconditional love in action, honest to goodness stewards’ hearts, a determined effort and a desire to truly change a human’s life one ride at a time – grace the BEAMING barn. Whether an equine-assisted session or educational off-lesson, you won’t find a more dedicated team of individuals pursuing a united common goal - to make a difference and enhance life for someone else."
Mae Kosciuk
Saddle Up for Success Participant Mom
"The experience UW Oshkosh senior nursing students receive while doing clinicals at BEAMING is unique compared to their other opportunities. This is a portion of our community health clinical where we have objectives of demonstrating therapeutic communication, teaching and learning that are age and developmentally appropriate, understanding collaboration and respecting alternatives to traditional healthcare methods. Working at BEAMING allows the nursing students to engage with elementary school children that all possess unique physical and cognitive needs; they need to develop their comfort and ability to assist these unique students in an environment that is out of their 'comfort zone' of the hospital setting. Additionally, through the structured documentation of the students' progress, they develop an understanding of non-profit organizations, the challenges of grant procurement, and the role of the nurse away from the bedside."
Jacki Karlin
UW Oshkosh Professor

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