Hear from some of our program participants and their family members about how BEAMING is truly Changing Lives, One Ride at a Time!

“As a parent of a child with brain cancer, finding the right support and therapy has been so important. Thankfully, we found BEAMING. I cannot express how much this program has positively impacted him, not only physically but emotionally as well. From our first session, we knew we had discovered something extraordinary. It's truly heartwarming to see the genuine smiles and excitement on his face every time he prepares for his weekly horseback riding session…it has undoubtedly become the highlight of his week. One of the most remarkable benefits of this program is how it has helped our son work on his balance. The rhythmic movements of the horse have aided him in developing better coordination and control over his body, allowing him to strengthen his core muscles and work on his balance in a way that traditional therapies simply cannot replicate. Beyond the physical benefits, the emotional support our son receives from the horses and instructors has been truly remarkable. The connection he has formed with the horses provides him with a sense of comfort and understanding that goes beyond what we could have ever imagined. The nurturing environment at Beaming along with the compassionate and dedicated staff and volunteers, has created a safe and special space for our son. We are immensely grateful to Beaming for the care, love and support they provide to our son and everyone that enters their doors. It is an experience that not only fosters physical improvement but also nurtures the spirit and fills the heart with hope and joy. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making such a profound difference in our son's life.”
Megan B
Saddle Up for Success Participant Parent
"BEAMING has given my son a unique hobby that he can excel in! From the first session he had the biggest smile! He was struggling with self esteem and riding horses has given him something to feel confident about! We love watching his skills and confidence grow and are grateful for their programs and everyone involved!"
Lindsay H
Saddle Up for Success Participant Parent
“It’s great how welcoming and family orientated and accepting everyone here…there is no judgment! My daughter has been greatly enjoying her time here for over 2 years. She is on the Autism Spectrum and also struggles with Sensory Processing Disorder, high anxiety, self-regulation and emotions. When she first started her adventure at BEAMING, she didn’t talk much, didn’t have a lot of muscle control and she had no confidence. As time progressed, she started to develop a connection with the volunteers and horses, and you could start to hear her commanding her horse, sitting up straighter and smiling. At home she would follow directions, be more relaxed and adaptable to change. Last summer she was finally able to learn to ride her bike and I believe a lot of that is due to the therapy here with learning balance and muscle control. There is something to be said about the movement of a horse, the bouncing and rhythm can “reset” a child. [At BEAMING] there is lots of fun, lots of compassion, lots of life and lots of love!”
Lacey B
Saddle Up for Success Participant Parent
“The BEAMING program is great! My wife and I both had horses over the years, she stopped riding when she started having her balance issues. When she heard about BEAMING, she wanted to check it out. We came to a Memory Café which she loved, brushing and petting the horses put a big smile on her face also the other information that was given was very good. When she rode for the first time, boy what a great day that was for my wife and for me to see how happy she was and connected to what she needed to do. We both look forward to our visits. The whole staff out there is great and so is the facility they really watch over everyone involved to make sure you are safe and having a great time.”
Tim M
Memory Cafes and Riding in the Moment Program Participant
“ It’s been really great, we just love coming here. He loves the interaction with the horses, he likes grooming them and he just loves riding. It relaxes him and it kind of helps him jog different parts of his memory. It gives him something to look forward to, it’s a nice diversion. It’s just nice, that special bond that you get with the horse. It’s been great for me to, I really like coming and talking with both the volunteers and other people here, I really look forward to it. It’s also a really good social activity because sometimes with memory loss, other friends can shift away. It’s nice to meet new people too."
Barb T
Memory Cafes and Riding in the Moment Program Participant
"Our son started attending Beaming in May of 2023 after we really started to notice a decline in his grades and poor attendance at school. He was becoming more and more disrespectful at home and lacked all motivation. He would come home and play video games all night and seemed very distant. After a few volunteer sessions at Beaming, we started noticing a positive change in him. He was waking up early, with a smile on his face, excited to start his day with the horses. With his newfound motivation, it brought him to be more aware of his actions at home and he was becoming increasingly LESS disrespectful. When he does have a poor attitude now, he seems to catch himself and change it before it escalates. He has so much respect for all of the staff at Beaming. He was welcomed with open arms from day one. Our son feels that he has gained more confidence and self-esteem and self-worth since starting Beaming. He has something to look forward to every week and this motivates him. The horses give him a sense of peace and truly make him smile. He smiles more now than he ever has. He enjoys being a part of the team and making a difference in the lives of others. He also feels that he has a newfound respect for people with disabilities."
Ashley J
Teen Support Equine Programs Participant Parent
"My daughter thoroughly loved attending the BEAMING Horse Camp. She was given opportunities to help out, to explore some creative riding techniques, do fun art projects and of course spend time with horses, something she loves. The staff were amazing! She was consistently supported to be her best self and to learn fun new skills. She even got to ride backwards in a saddle which put her over the moon! She asked me later if she could come back and volunteer at the barn, just to have more time to spend in that wonderful environment. She will definitely be back! Thank you so much to everyone at BEAMING. What a gift!"
Marijke V
Hold Your Horses Teen Camp Participant Parent
"Our daughter had the opportunity to attend Hold Your Horses teen camp and simply LOVED the experience. My husband and I noticed a change almost immediately with our daughter’s attitude, self-perception, self-esteem and behavior. She came home each day calm and with a positive attitude. I feel she learned valuable skills at camp that she will be able to use long term in coping with anxiety and peer relationships. We are so grateful for our daughter to be able to attend and experience this camp. Thank you SO much! Programs like this are so beneficial to today’s youth to learn life-long coping skills, responsibility and to know they are loved, wanted and cherished."
Jennifer V
Hold Your Horses Teen Camp Participant Parent
"We’ve been blessed to come to BEAMING now for over 2 years. My son loves to come here and the staff are always so helpful and encouraging to him. He is gaining skills and confidence, and even his speech and processing skills have improved. The team works so hard to make each lesson count and it shows. I get overwhelmed at times with his inabilities but what you folks are able to teach him in equine abilities has strengthened him! He loves your horses!"
Laura T
Saddle Up for Success Participant Parent
“I feel that this whole experience has given my daughter so much self-confidence, to feel that she is special and included. She completely felt safe and able to be exactly who she is without judgement. That is hard to find in today’s society. I have seen a huge improvement in her mood and outlook. I absolutely LOVE this program. You have all done such an amazing job pulling this together and giving these kids such a wonderful experience and memories and tools that last a lifetime!”
Denise S
Hold Your Horses Teen Camp Participant Parent
"Thank you for having our students at BEAMING. Seeing them interact and be engaged with the horses was a great experience. They were able to accept redirections, take feedback and work together to care for the horses, which are skills we continue to work on at school. This gave us the ability to transfer skills we are working on in school to real life situations in the community. These students were able to open up and discuss the feelings and needs of the horses to make personal connections."
Jada B
Secondary Program Support Teacher, AASD
"Mom likes being with the other people, the socialization is good for her. I love that I can talk to other caregivers, and I can be together with my mom and we can make memories. She looks forward to every time we’re coming, and it’s made her life happier. I’ve told a lot of people about BEAMING and what a difference it’s made in Mom’s outlook on life."
Linda C
Memory Cafes and Riding in the Moment Participant
"Jim grew up with horses, and as a young adult was referred to by fellow riders as a ‘horse whisperer.’ His experiences at BEAMING have helped him reconnect with those skills and happy memories, and he often asks me ‘when do we go riding next?’ Jim is also very social, so connecting with others in a setting of shared interest is invaluable. The horses and staff at BEAMING have been magic for us!”
Annie T
Memory Cafes and Riding in the Moment Participant
"My daughter was invited to BEAMING for a visit while being treated for a form or leukemia. The ability to interact with the horses (and other animals) gave her more joy than we had been able to provide for her in a very long time. She talks about the horses all the time months later, and Annie and Sparkles are high on her “best friends” list! We are so appreciative to BEAMING for the opportunity and what they do."
Corey H
RideStrong Participant Mom
"My brother absolutely "Beams" telling me and Mom about horse therapy! I love that your program is called Beaming. So apt! I see marked improvement in his posture, gait, confidence, and overall relaxation. He has so much joy working with the horses, and tells me about it in detail. That too is a change - he is communicating with more words. Your program is a miracle! Thank you for all you do."
Kathleen K
Saddle Up for Success Participant Sister
“I can't thank you enough for the program you set up for our middle school special education students. So many of the students are tentative and lack confidence especially after COVID and being removed from so many new opportunities over the past few years. They have really stepped up to understand basic good ground horsemanship. I am amazed at the students' ability to lead horses around the arena on their own and to share with you the learning about horses they have done. I appreciate your willingness to respond to the teachers who know their students so well to allow for this time to acquaint the students with basic horsemanship...they have learned so much and are now going back to set goals for their return next semester to be on the horses. You sure know how to bring the most out of each student on their journey. The confidence they gained was amazing. I sent photos to parents and they were amazed too at how brave their children were.”
Mary W
Superintendent, Ripon Area School District
“The Riding in the Moment program makes us laugh, it bonds us, and it gives us something once a week to look forward to. My husbsand's connection with the horse triggers something in his brain that relaxes him. I see a completely different person from when we arrive to when we leave. This has made a big difference in his life. Also, just talking to other people about what their daily lives are like and what they’ve gone through...It’s a great opportunity for me, and helps me not feel so alone.”
Mary M
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"I am so profoundly grateful and feel so profoundly lucky that we were able to find this program. It has opened so many doors and brought so much joy to Rick. For him to experience these moments of joy that he doesn't get anywhere else in his life has really enhanced his quality of life. It truly is the highlight of his day, his week, his month."
Traci E
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"I came out of camp with a better attitude than I originally had going into camp. The staffwere great, helping people feel welcome and supporting people who needed it. It just was an all-out good time, and I hope next summer’s teens like me will have the same experiences as I did.”
Hold Your Horses Camp Teen Participant
“My husband committed suicide in 2019. In one day, our lives were turned upside down and rendered unrecognizable. The first years I spent addressing enormous, multi-faceted problems caused by his exit. Now, we are focusing on healing, grief management, and building a new life. We have tried many kinds of therapy. Working with horses is uniquely helpful, and draws us together as a family, as we find a new ‘normal.’ Thank you for your kindness in making this possible for us.”
RideStrong Family Participant
"Working at BEAMING helps with my anxiety and depression. I like hanging out with the horses and helping out at the farm. It is peaceful. I like riding and taking out the horses. We work with children with disabilities and help them with riding and cooperating. I like doing the hard work, because it is a life skill you have to use for the future. Katie is a trusting, caring person and helps a lot of people through hard stuff in life."
LAUNCH Program Teen Participant
"My wife's Alzheimer's has progressed to a point where it's difficult to carry a conversation. But, get her doing something, and the world changes. She starts interacting with people...the memory doesn't come back, but she's having a good time in the moment. And what BEAMING has done is provide probably the best quality activity for me to take her to."
Keith M
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"It has been wonderful seeing my husband's enjoyment riding and interacting with the horses. He described it as giving him a great feeling of calm and well-being that brings back pleasant memories."
Lori S
Riding in the Moment Participant Caregiver
"Before BEAMING, I just stayed at home and watched TV. The VA suggested I try BEAMING because of my isolation and loneliness. I also have bipolar and PTSD. I was reluctant at first, but I began to love it a lot and then I started to volunteer. Because of BEAMING, my doctor took me off of my mood stabilizer. I have been off of it for 3 years now. BEAMING has made such a positive difference in my life. I encourage other veterans to come out and ride and volunteer at the barn. It’s a great place to be with other veterans and people who support each other."
Terry V
Veterans Program Participant & Volunteer
"When I started volunteering at BEAMING, I had no self-esteem. I was self-harming almost every day. I couldn’t even make eye contact with people, but I was always able to connect with the horses. Working in the barn and taking care of the horses helped me learn how to regulate my emotions. I finally came out of my shell and started to laugh and feel alive again. There was just something about waking up and knowing that once I got to the barn everything would be okay. Horses sure know how to make their way into your heart. I made so many friendships at BEAMING. And the tools and resources I got have helped me in my everyday life and reassured me that there are always people around you that love and care for you. The skills I learned at BEAMING have helped me be a better mother, too. I am forever grateful for my time at BEAMING."
"If you want to see unconditional love in action, honest to goodness stewards’ hearts, a determined effort and a desire to truly change a human’s life one ride at a time – grace the BEAMING barn. Whether an equine-assisted session or educational off-lesson, you won’t find a more dedicated team of individuals pursuing a united common goal - to make a difference and enhance life for someone else."
Mae K
Saddle Up for Success Participant Mom
"The experience UW Oshkosh senior nursing students receive while doing clinicals at BEAMING is unique compared to their other opportunities. This is a portion of our community health clinical where we have objectives of demonstrating therapeutic communication, teaching and learning that are age and developmentally appropriate, understanding collaboration and respecting alternatives to traditional healthcare methods. Working at BEAMING allows the nursing students to engage with elementary school children that all possess unique physical and cognitive needs; they need to develop their comfort and ability to assist these unique students in an environment that is out of their 'comfort zone' of the hospital setting. Additionally, through the structured documentation of the students' progress, they develop an understanding of non-profit organizations, the challenges of grant procurement, and the role of the nurse away from the bedside."
Jacki K
UW Oshkosh Professor

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