If you want to see unconditional love in action, honest to goodness stewards’ hearts, a determined effort and a desire to truly change a human’s life one ride at a time – grace the BEAMING barn. Whether an equine-assisted session or educational off-lesson, you won’t find a more dedicated team of individuals pursuing a united common goal - to make a difference and enhance life for someone else.
Mae Kosciuk
participant mom



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The experience UW Oshkosh senior nursing students receive while doing clinicals at BEAMING is unique compared to their other opportunities. This is a portion of our community health clinical where we have objectives of demonstrating therapeutic communication, teaching and learning that are age and developmentally appropriate, understanding collaboration and respecting alternatives to traditional healthcare methods. Working at BEAMING allows the nursing students to engage with elementary school children that all possess unique physical and cognitive needs; they need to develop their comfort and ability to assist these unique students in an environment that is out of their 'comfort zone' of the hospital setting. Additionally, through the structured documentation of the students' progress, they develop an understanding of non-profit organizations, the challenges of grant procurement, and the role of the nurse away from the bedside.
Jacki Karlin
UW Oshkosh Professor